• Jack James Daggerstealer

    This is our first official wiki clean up. From 4/17-5/7, almost 20 days, we encourage you to edit and create pages in the 2 categories below. This will include cleaning it up. The first category is mostly clean up, while the second is more of adding stuff and to me is one of the most fun parts of this wiki.

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  • Gavin of Univerism

    Vote whether we should make a new wiki for the revival of the U.I.C. or this one. Everyone can vote!

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  • Blau Wolf XIII

    Following the mere conspiracy theory behind the Wurttemburg givings, I am making a formal declaration about the situation.


    Wurttemburg is NOT available for your little dirty fingers, we conquered the country with our massive military might.  We will use it against you if you don't stop trying to think you own Wurttemburg.


    Whatever is going on between you and Jack, STOP it. Wurttemburg is not free money for traitors, conspirators, and tyrants. If you don't stop this meddling and give Wurttemburg to Jack, you WILL lose your throne.

    Now for the both of you conspirators, stop this useless business between The Swiss, and the UIC. Wurttemburg a treat Jack clearly does not deserve and will never get it. I don't know why you are doing this …

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  • Gamer124


    March 9, 2013 by Gamer124

    Purposely a blog.

    • Please do not use cuss words. We do allow hell and damn.
    • The admins can't ban without permission from Gamer124
    • Please ask before starting things like corporations, or newspapers.
    • No vandalism.
    • Admins are Gamer124, and DvayJonesRules
    • If you have concerns ask Gamer124.
    • We encourage you to vote and do other community things.
    • If you don't like something just tell Gamer124 or another admin.
    • No editing the ban list. If it gets edited again we will protect the page.
    • Words that are more sexual are allowed, but not to a high extent. (e.g. constantly saying stuff about it.)

    Comment below on the rules and if you read them.

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  • Gamer124

    If you could make a video game, what would it be about? The story, features, and more must be included in the comments. We will have a contest for our favorite.

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  • Gamer124

    PPW British

    March 2, 2013 by Gamer124

    Ishamel Venables, is just one example of how the British on the Players Wiki are jerks. So, just today, I was teleporting to my friend in the EITC for the POTCO Players Wiki. Venables was right there, and he asked to recruit me. I replied "I'll do it on my secondary." I then got ready to meet up with him at Port Royal Docks, Andaba. I whispered to him. No reply. I then tried to teleport. It said "Ishamel Venables is ignoring you." 

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  • The 7th Master


    March 1, 2013 by The 7th Master

    Can someone post a story on Players Wiki about my roleplay persona, Richard James Kenway? Below I've detailed what is important. Wherever I have these symbols, < >, just make up whatever you'd like. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

    Richard was born in Manchester's Franklin Memorial Hospital to Matthew Kristofer O'malley and Grace Kenway-Goltimbers in 1685.



    As a young adult, Richard began to hate being named after his shameful father, changing his name from Matthew Richard O'malley to Richard James Kenway, after Grace's husband and his adoptive father, Richard Mathem Kenway. Richard ended up being recruited into an anti-EITC militia, in 1711, known as the Black Palladins led by e…

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  • Gamer124

    I may move to Europe soon. I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. We might move to Europe after problems with many goverments, organizations, schools, and people. We aren't the problem they are. Also who want's to live in a country with a collapsing economy?  We have decided if we are moving out of country, were moving to Europe. So many choices. I'm thinking Germany, Ireland, or France. Sweden and Norway aren't bad either. Well if I do move I will be changing time alot ( about 7-9 hours ) and I might not get on for a while. I want you to know if we don't get internet then I won't see you guys for a long time. I know I will not be on the wiki for at least a week if I move to Europe. During that time, rather it be a week or a…

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  • Gamer124

    Please post suggestions you have for the wiki or the U.I.C. Also say what you like,don't like, or what you think of the wiki.

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