In 1650, that's where my story will begin. That's when I was born. My mother came from Spain and met my father in the Virgin Islands, that's where I lived. I don't remember much. It was a fair childhood: average income, a few friends, nice house, good family. Normal things. Though in 1666, at the age of 16, that's when my parents were killed by a pirate invasion. Since then, I'd been needing to raise my sisters, Jessica and Angela, on my own.

Now it's 1668. Angela was 13 at the time, and I taught her all that she'd need to survive if I was ever killed: how to beg, steal, battle, and use her talents. Jessica was only 5 years old, very cute, and very smart. However, during the shipment of British goods to the Virgin Islands, pirates attacked on full force and took out the militia guards. They ransacked the village and took my sisters. I killed 1 with a kitchen knife and another with my hands. I didn't make it to the ship in time to save them; the pirates sailed away with Jessica and Angela shouting for help. I stole the weapons and clothing from the murdered pirates and stole a militia ship (they didn't need it anymore, right?). I set sail for the pirates. I let my inner pirate come free.

"Ye better watch yer back, matey."


To Be Continued...