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Fort Sons of Liberty is a fort in Daggerstealer City , Andaba. It's named after the Co. Sons of Liberty. it is commonly referred to as Fort Dundee.                                                                                                                                                   

Fort Sons of Liberty

Settlement Type




Controlled By

The U.I.C. & The 13 Colonies


1,500 February 17, 1746: Estimate


U.I.C. & The 13 Colonies



Original Name

Fort Dundee, Padres Del Fuego

Mayor/Commanding Officer

Captain Joseph & General Charles Crestsilver

Founding of Fort Sons of LibertyEdit

One day, Charles Crestsilver went for a stroll. Well, not so much a stroll, more of a military patrol. Him and the Co. Sons of Liberty were marching throughout Tortuga, Andaba on their weekly patrol. They would travel island to island and get rid of any vile scum. After he finished, him and the Co. Sons of Liberty went to the tavern for a drink. One of his men got drunk and accidentally spilled the location of Charles Crestsilver's office to an EITC spy. When he got there the next morning, it was ransacked and all the papers were stolen. From then on, he vowed to keep all documents for the 13 Colonies and the U.I.C. of his safe from harm. He borrowed funds from the U.I.C. Bank as well as the Colonial Banks in the 13 Colonies. He bought out Fort Dundee (secretly as to not start a war with the Navy that were there) and started recruiting new soldiers. It was tough with the large numbers that poured in, but then Jack Doggerstealer sent Captain Joseph and a few other men to help with the training. Aside from renovations and members, that was the founding of Fort Sons of Liberty.


2/23/1740 - Fort Sons of Liberty is founded in Padres Del Fuego.

5/17/1742 - U.I.C. gain control of Padres Del Fuego.

1/1/1743 - Charles Crestsilver retires his post to focus on other things.

2/23/1745 - Fort Sons of Liberty celebrates 5 years of service.

3/17/1746 - Charles Crestsilver is reinstated as head of Fort Sons of Liberty.

3/17/1746 - Fort Sons of Liberty is officially the main base of the Co. Sons of Liberty and Crestsilver's Army.