"This is a funeral gone wild"-Halle, a great friend of Jack's.  Chris Firehawk is the son of Jack Daggerstealer. He got lost  so we had a funeral.It was be held on December 26th 1745 at the Bowdash Mansion,Andaba.It turned into a fight between Jack and a traitor.

What HappenedEdit

  • Jack Daggerstealer gave a speech about his Role Play son and about how he was always their for him.
  • Fang shows up. He is a traitor to the U.I.C. and Jack Daggerstealer yelled for him to get out.
  • Halle says "This is a funeral gone wild."
  • Fang leaves
  • Amelia Daggerstealer gives a speech.
  • A man named Jack comes and starts throwing daggers. 
  • Fang comes back.
  • Fang and Jack Daggerstealer start a big fight.
  • Everybody except Jack Daggerstealer,Jack, Fang, and Charlotte leave.
  • Charlotte plays cards with a llama and teddy bear when Fang and Jack Daggerstealer are yelling at each other.
  • Amelia comes back
  • Jack leaves.
  • Amelia starts insulting Fang.
  • Fang has to leave so he does.
  • Amelia leaves.
  • Charlotte and Jack start talking about Fang for a minute.
  • Jack teleports to Amelia.

Required ApparelEdit

All clothes could be bought at the tailor in Port Royal.

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Screenshot 2012-12-23 12-06-22

What vest you wear.

Screenshot 2012-12-23 12-06-23

The Shirt You Wear

Screenshot 2012-12-23 12-06-27

The Pants You Wear

Screenshot 2012-12-23 12-06-25

The Belt You Wear

Screenshot 2012-12-23 12-06-28

The Boots You Wear