Jack was afraid to admit it, but he revealed he was once in the EITC. The following paragraphs will talk about what happened.

Journal of James Jack Daggerstealer, a EITC Soldier

Joining of the EITCEdit

On 3/8/1738 Jack Daggerstealer was drafted into the EITC to help fight pirates. He went to training at Kingshead. When he was training one day, pirates came blowing their way through Kingshead. The instructors were gone. Most officers were gone. It was time for the cadets to take a stand. They decided that Jack would lead the cadets. They sniped at the pirates then charged at them. They crushed the pirates and many people got promoted. Jack Daggerstealer got promoted to Sergeant of Third Squad of 6th Company of 12th Batallion of the EITC 4th Regiment. 

Training is DoneEdit

" All men who started training on 3/10/1738 come here! You guys are going to do what you trained for! " Yelled Captain Henry Roberts. Jack Daggerstealer lined up. He was ready for combat. The new soldiers were told that they would get on a prized frigate, H.M.S. Elizabeth named after Elizabeth I of England. The soldiers got onto the Elizabeth. They started sailing around the coast searching for pirates. 


For the rest of the story, read the journal that has a link above.