United Provinces Wiki

The Role Play council decides on certain things that have to do with Role Play. We have 3 members. Gamer124, Elizabeth O'malley I (no accout) and DvayJonesRules. You can make many requests. They include for us to recognize independent countries, corporations , jobs,military branches, ownership of a nation or creating a nation,joining the council, and many other things. This same Role Play council is also in this wiki .We have 3 pictures. A thumbs up for support, and thumbs down for oppose. If you can't decide then use a neutral face. Only Role Play council members can vote. To make reqests go here . Also if you have basic but want a guild then just ask Gamer124. 

Rules of Role Play ( Note they are not numbered in importancy )[]

  1. No countries made after 1810. 
  2. Each new country gets to choose time ranging from 0 seconds to 2 months to build a army.
  3. To be continued