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Jack Daggerstealer at a meeting talking to his generals and colonels to discuss The 1st Caribbean Army or "The Steel Army."

The Caribbean 1st Army is the first army in the United Islands of The Caribbean. It is nicknamed "The Steel Army" because of the steel swords, steel bows, steel muskets, steel pistols, and steel armor made by some of the best blacksmiths on Earth.The leader of the army is currently Jack Daggerstealer  .If you see a flag with a steel sword on it and a Blue background you are looking at the flag of "The Steel Army" Also, the Caribbean First Army includes alot of the Navy forces.

Why Use Bows and Armor?[]

The Caribbean 1st Army is nicknamed "The Steel Army" because the swords,bows,arrows,bullets,muskets,pistols, and armor are made by some  of the best steelsmiths in the world. You may have noticed it said bows. We use bows alot because they have much better accuracy and fire faster then pistols, and muskets. Also the arrows take less steel and no sulphur is required. The heavy soldiers also use heavy steel armor that only weighs about 9 pounds. The light soldiers will wear light steel strips that at the most weighs a 2 pounds. Our spies,officers,special forces,and some other soldiers don't wear any armor except the officers and special forces wear a thin steel strip on their knees and shoulders. We use bows and armor to make our men fully effective.

Special Forces[]

The U.I.C. special forces are based in the 1st Caribbean Army. They travel in light, and standard sloops.They are called The Green Mariners. 

The Name [Futuristic Things In Here][]

Jack Daggerstealer got inspired from the steel that they use and he thought about a nickname for a army and he thought about the Soviet Red Army. He decided that it would be "The Steel Army".

Ranked People[]

If you do not go through the promotion test, you are a private. This section is being worked on.

Person Rank Branch
Angel Captain Army
Mandy Mcsteel Master Sergeant Army
Pepper Cresthawk Master Sergeant Army
Will Trueward  Sergeant Army
Raven Warsteel Master Lieutenant Green Mariners
Joseph Captain Army
Black Jack Major Green Mariners
Luis Sergeant Major Army
Jack Goldeagle Lieutenant Major Green Mariners


  • Caribbeanrebellion

Fort Sons of Liberty[]

Fort Sons of Liberty is the most important fort in the U.I.C. If the enemy breach it, the U.I.C. capital is taken. Many units are stationed there. Currently, Captain Joseph is in charge while Captain Angel is co. commander. 

Soldiers Stationed There[]

Captain Joseph- Commander

Captain Angel- Co. Commander

Will Trueward

Naval Force[]

Main Battle Fleets:[]

Fleet One led by []

Fleet Two led by Jack Daggerstealer[]

Silver Moonracer- Brig, Jack Daggerstealer. not upgraded.

Golden Rogue- War Sloop, Jack Daggerstealer, not upgraded.

Green Mariner Fleets:[]

Fleet One led by Raven Warsteel[]

Green Mariner- Sloop, Raven Warsteel, not upgraded.