The Sword of A Ruler has made many people kings and queens. Alexander the Great of Macedonia touched this sword and became ruler. Celopatra the last pharoh of Egypt touched the sword. Julius Ceasar too.Elizabeth I of England was the last to touch it. It then went missing. When the Sword was found by Alexander the Great there had been legends about it.William Shakespare knew all about it. After Elizabeth I became ruler of England he sneaked into her room and found a way to take it without becoming a ruler.He made maps and then he buried it in modern day Prussia. The sword did many other minor stuff. Some people become rulers of countries, some companies,some alliances.

One of The Lost Treasure of Prussia[1]Edit

Shakespear hid many great treasures in modern day Prussia. He called them the Treasures of Prussia which got Prussia it's name. He made maps to each treasure.

Jack Daggerstealer and Amelia Daggerstealer Find The Maps[2]Edit

Emma F. and Jack Daggerstealer have found maps that lead to more maps and one map so far leads to something other then a map. It leads to The Sword of A Ruler. Jack and Emma know the legends and are looking for it as it is hidden with another map.

Found ItEdit

Jack and Amelia found it. Jack touched it and then he suddenly created a country.