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The United Provinces is also known as the Provinces and the UP. We are a united group of people who will stand together until the end. Read the below section for our basic information.

==Basic Information==                                     


The U.I.C. is a Role-Play nation on Pirates of The Caribbean Online .  Our motto is United. We are open to recruiting. We are the top producers of iron, steel, and lumber. We also have alot of copper and bronze. 

The Flag []

The U.I.C. flag was made by Jack Daggerstealer himself. The second one is a picture of  colors (islands) coming together in the middle as a star.

Major Settlements ( Not ranked yet )[]

Daggerstealer City

Fort Sons of Liberty

Haven Des Deutsch

Charlotte City


In-Game Territories[]

Andaba- U.I.C.

Andoso- U.I.C. 

Barano- The United States of America

Kokoros- Spain


Pop 1= Role-Play Population

Pop 2= In-Game Population

Province Capital Pop 1 Pop 2 Rank
The U.I.C. Daggerstealer City 400 1
America Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 80 2
Spain Madrid 12 3
Prussia Berlin 9 4

Allies and Enemies[]

Name Flag Leader Relation Type Status
Prussia flag.gif
Amelia Daggerstealer Neutral Nation
Night Stalkers Fang Neutral Guild
Portugal Flag.gif
Leader broke the real law Neutral Nation
Great Britain and Ireland
Elizabeth O'Malley I Neutral Nation
Russia Sam Darkwalker Defensive Pact Nation
Ottoman Empire Matthew O'malley Neutral Nation
France Leader resigned Neutral Nation
Holland Role-Play Enemies Nation
Andoson Rebels Role-Play War Rebellion
American flag2.gif
Charles Crestsilver Ally Nation

Important Players in U.I.C.[]

President Jack Daggerstealer- Council member and leader of U.I.C. province.

Charles Crestsilver- Council member and leader of American province.

Charlotte Swordhayes- Council member and leader of Spain province.

Black Jack - Lieutenant Major and Governor of Barano.



Council Members[]

  • Jack Daggerstealer
  • Charles Crestsilver
  • Amelia Daggerstealer


Agriculture minister-

Commerce minister-

Culture minister-

Defence minister-

Education minister-

Environment minister-

Finance minister-

Industry minister-

Intelligence minister- 

Interior minister-

Justice minister-

Labour minister-

Mining minister-

Planning minister-

Public works minister-

Science minister-

Sports minister-

Tourism minister-

Transport minister-

Welfare minister-  

Warfare minister- Jack Sharkskull


Andaba- Apply

Andoso- Apply

Barano- Black Jack

Kokoros- Apply


Tortuga, Andaba-Ned Greasevane


Military Ranks[]

This section is being worked on. Note: We don't use warrant officers. Also, these are ranks made up and American army ranks. 

Army Ranks
Name Abbrv. Insignia
Private PVT None
Private First Class PFC
Corporal CPL
Sergeant SGT
Staff Sergeant SSG
Sergeant First Class SFC
Master Sergeant MSG
Sergeant Major SGM
Command Sergeant Major CSM
Second Lieutenant 2LT
First Lieutenant 1LT
Master Lieutenant MLT
Captain CPT
Lieutenant Major LTM
Major MAJ
Lieutenant Colonel LTC
Colonel COL
Brigadier General BG
Major General MG
Lieutenant General LTG
General GEN
Field Marshall FM


Caribbeanrebellion - Largest guild. Center of the Caribbean First Army.

Co. Sons of Liberty - Main American province guild. 

Unnamed guild- A guild for the U.I.C. Second Army.

Spanish League- Spanish province

The Regulars- Led by Mayor Ned Gresevane of Tortuga, Andaba.


The Caribbean First Army "The Steel Army"- Largest army

Crestsilver's Army - Second Largest Army

Spainish First Army - Third Largest Army

The Caribbean Second Army - 2nd Smallest Army

The Tortugan Militia-  Smallest Army


Being made