Following the mere conspiracy theory behind the Wurttemburg givings, I am making a formal declaration about the situation.


Wurttemburg is NOT available for your little dirty fingers, we conquered the country with our massive military might.  We will use it against you if you don't stop trying to think you own Wurttemburg.


Whatever is going on between you and Jack, STOP it. Wurttemburg is not free money for traitors, conspirators, and tyrants. If you don't stop this meddling and give Wurttemburg to Jack, you WILL lose your throne.

Now for the both of you conspirators, stop this useless business between The Swiss, and the UIC. Wurttemburg a treat Jack clearly does not deserve and will never get it. I don't know why you are doing this Blake, but I expect better from you. Although this is foggy and unclear, I don't want to see you both talking toward each other again.

- Blau Wolfe XIII