I may move to Europe soon. I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. We might move to Europe after problems with many goverments, organizations, schools, and people. We aren't the problem they are. Also who want's to live in a country with a collapsing economy?  We have decided if we are moving out of country, were moving to Europe. So many choices. I'm thinking Germany, Ireland, or France. Sweden and Norway aren't bad either. Well if I do move I will be changing time alot ( about 7-9 hours ) and I might not get on for a while. I want you to know if we don't get internet then I won't see you guys for a long time. I know I will not be on the wiki for at least a week if I move to Europe. During that time, rather it be a week or a year, DvayJonesRules is in charge of the wiki. I will have to assign him some rules. Also even if I don't move to Europe, the events lately in our family have affected my parent's relations with each other go even farther down and my mom was real mad and said she would file a divorce. That would mean we would be living in a different house or apartment. Please wish my family luck through all of this. Anyways, I'll tell you when I will be leaving if I do. and where I'm going. Please leave comments. Also remember the best part in EITC history. 

Cutler Beckett's death HD-0

Cutler Beckett's death HD-0

Best part of EITC history! :D

                                                                      Thank you,

U.I.C. Flag 2

Thank you guys. The U.I.C. appreciates you. If I never see you awesome Wikians again, I will really miss you. You guys make me happy to come home after school and go on this wiki.