Can someone post a story on Players Wiki about my roleplay persona, Richard James Kenway? Below I've detailed what is important. Wherever I have these symbols, < >, just make up whatever you'd like. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Richard was born in Manchester's Franklin Memorial Hospital to Matthew Kristofer O'malley and Grace Kenway-Goltimbers in 1685.


<make up some bullshit chapter about his childhood>.

Teen Years

<make up some bullshit chapter about his early teens but include him meeting Erin "Sword Stealer" Perkins>.


As a young adult, Richard began to hate being named after his shameful father, changing his name from Matthew Richard O'malley to Richard James Kenway, after Grace's husband and his adoptive father, Richard Mathem Kenway. Richard ended up being recruited into an anti-EITC militia, in 1711, known as the Black Palladins led by ex-knight, Matthew Wilvyne. Kenway served under Commander Peter Bluehawk. During his service, he proposed to Erin Perkins, against the wishes of his family, and married her in 1714. Shortly after his marriage, he was excommunicated from the Palladins for a power struggle. When he caught Erin cheating on him, they divorced. After a brief period of depression, Kenway joined the EITC only to be discharged for his light ties to the Palladins. Kenway went on to marry Erin yet again and after 3 months of a solid marriage, Erin was forced to divorce Richard by decree of her lord, Nicholas Nikolai. Shortly after the loss of Erin, Richard met another fine woman, Grace Belle Wilde, in 1725. Grace demanded that they marry right away and they did. 6 months later, Richard was asked to be acting King of Switzerland while the Kroshbon family decided on a new leader. After they decided on a successor, Kenway stepped down and left the Swiss out of fear for his life, briefly going under numerous aliases. Richard went missing in early December 1745, only to turn back up around Christmas. He currently resides at the Antama Estate in Manchester, England. Kenway can be found frequenting the Abassa district of London.


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