• We will have or vengance after a group of brethen pirates attacked our forts and tortured people.
  • We could be rich if we win
  • We have a big chance of winning do to our army.
  • If they capitulate we will make them our vassals and make them work against our enemies.
  • We can stop them from sinking our ships
  • We will gain some land and population.


  • If they win we could easily suffer brutal punishments
  • Many of our people's friends are pirates including our leaders so it might lead to emotional events and betrayal.
  • They will start sinking us even more and we might lose valuable cargo.
  • If we make allies we could beat almost anyone.

Advantages To Becoming AlliesEdit

  • If we become allies then we are almost unstoppable and we can learn valuable information about our enemies and our adversaries are both Jolly Roger and England.
  • We would get much richer and get stuff from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • We would stop losing ships from their ships.

The PollEdit

Now that you have read the pros, cons, and even becoming allies we want you to vote. 

Do you want to declare war on the Brethen?

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